European Piano Movers Association

EPiMA – The European Piano Movers Association was created in 2010 by Lance Green of G&R Ltd in order to establish a reputable, knowledgeable and recommended list of competent piano moving companies across Europe. Founder members G&R Removals of London UK were very quickly joined by Tenniswood Piano Movers in Newcastle, McCluskeys Removals in Ireland, Giovaruscio Transport in Rome, Italy, Credo Movers of Zagreb, Croatia and now Griffioen Transport of Bodegraven in the Netherlands sharing our ethics and the importance of highlighting the professional service with fully trained Piano Movers to our valued clients across Europe. This Alliance is growing because of the rising demand for a service like this from our customers. If you are a professional Piano Moving Company in Europe and would like to join us, please send details to to apply the first 10 companies will not be charged a registration fee.

The European Piano Movers Association would love to hear from you if you are a specialist European Piano Mover.

List of EPiMA members

G&R Removals Ltd. Founder members of EPiMA based in London UK

Tenniswood Removals based in Newcastle Upon Tyne UK

McCluskey Removals and Transport based in Lisburn, Northern Ireland

Giovaruscio Transport based in London, Milan and Rome

Credo Movers based in Zagreb Croatia.

Griffioen Transport based in Bodegraven Netherlands

Membership of our Association is quite simple, yet remains quite stringent. The applicant must have been established as a Company for at least 10 years, have a training programme in place for all operational staff, drivers and Piano Movers, must be of good repute, hold a European Operating Licence and have adequate Liability Insurance Cover. Memebership of another reputable Moving association such as FEDEMAC or British Association of Removers may help an application but may not guarantee acceptance. Europe needs good Piano Movers and EPiMA is the answer.

Piano upstairs

Moving a concert grand piano up the stairs

Moving a concert grand piano up the stairs



For many, the stairs are something to avoid, unless you’re determined to lose some weight or need a piano upstairs as we see above. Luckily we did not have to take a piano upstairs at any of places listed below, although the view would have been spectacular.

But lovers of nature and spectacular views are more than used to climb steps and more steps to recreate the view.

This list of steps is also a challenge for those who are a little dizzy. Created leveraging recesses of mountains and landforms, and sometimes directly on the spot to go, will be the stars of curses and anecdotes alike.

Peldaños del Cañón
Where you are: Pailon del Diablo , Ecuador
Where are they going? Designed to descend to the bottom of one of the most famous waterfalls in South America, along the way, lost in the fog in many cases, it is extremely slippery and steep for several tens of meters to a lookout where you can see a dramatic effect, accompanied hummingbirds,gulls and other local birds


El pozo de Chand Baori
Where you are: India
Where are they going? The decline of these steps leads to a huge pool, built in the tenth century to overcome the lack of rainfall in the region and store water for long periods. The structure has a total of 3,500 steps, and down to a depth of 30 meters. 3500 steps!!! Can you imagine taking a piano upstairs there ?


Stairs Elbe Sandstone Mountains
Where you are: Dresden , Germany
Where are they going? Stairs carved into the stone itself of these mountains. They date from the 13th century and have been eroded by wind and water, but there are still being used daily by tourists. 487steps, though not enough, were restored and expanded in the eighteenth century to facilitate transit.

The Rock of Guatapé
Where you are: Antioquia , Colombia
Where are they going? The rock is an authentic stone monolith of 220 meters. The steps are constructed with cement, directly on the rock and making a curious place that facilitated cleavagestructure. Some 702 steps are to be followed to reach its peak.

Stairs in Colombia

The ladder Haiku
Where you are: Oahu , Hawaii
Material: metal
Where are they going? On the small island of Oahu there is this tremendous journey of 3922 steps,climbing, cross and down a hill of 850 meters. They were created to facilitate the installation of a satellite in 1942. In principle wood, were modernized in the ’50s, but since 1987 are closed to the public.

The Inca Trail
Where you are: Peru
Where are they going? An ancient trade route linking the city of Cuzco to Machu Pichu. For the rugged geography of the area, the Inca Trail and forced detours around to evolve between hills andmountains. The result: miles and miles of stairs, in some cases very precarious, as the famous floating staircases.

Ladder Via Crucis
Where you are: Bermeo, Basque Country, Spain
Where are they going? This endless row of stairs attached to the rock coast where a small churchdating from the tenth century and seems to be of Templar.
To reach the hermitage of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe have to climb 231 steps and there are gaps in the steps that are identified as the footsteps of St. John himself, who are given different healing powers.For example, you have to put your feet in them as a solution for corns or left hats, scarves or chapelas,to cure the headache.

Spanish steps


Spiral staircase in the Taihang Mountains
Where you are: At the boundary between the provinces of Shanxi and Henan , China
Where are they going? This spiral staircase of almost 100 meters have been installed recently in an attempt to attract thousands of tourists each year to the beautiful Taihang Mountains .
Before undertaking the ascent asks visitors to sign forms to ensure they do not have heart problems orlungs, and are under age 60. And is that a slip in a narrow metal ladder as you certainly can lead to heaven, as the song of Led Zeppelin.


Wayna Pichu
Where you are: Machu Picchu , Peru
Where are they going? Stairs carved into the rock that crown a climb of about 360 meters from MachuPicchu itself. In some sections, the ascent is complicated to pass through narrow sections and smallsteps and eroded. The rise time is calculated from one hour and 90 minutes. He said soon: 90 minutesclimbing stairs! Only allowed promotion to 400 tourists a day and closes access from 1pm. Just in case.

Piano shipping to China


Following a record year in 2012 for piano shipping to China, surpassed again in 2013, we have shipped hundreds of pianos to China, as a result we have formed a partnership with a Shanghai Company to offer a brand new service D2D – door to door Europe to China piano transport and shipping with full destination services available in many Chinese locations, contact (London office) and (Shanghai office)

Together we specialise in transport and shipping of all Antique English, German and French pianos by Broadwood, Steinway, Bechstein, Bluthner and Erard with decorative inlaid cases and candelabras. Upright pianola pianos, antique cabinet pianos, square pianos and Forte Grand pianos for China. On one hand it is sad to see all those historical instruments exported forever from England to China, on the other hand they are off to a new home and appreciated more than they are here. Chinese piano buyers seek Steinway Bechstein and Bluthner Grand pianos, any model in any condition , it is a highly regarded status symbol and a mark of success to own a fine musical instrument too.

In return and by contrast, we have seen a significant increase in demand on last year for the Chinese built piano ‘Bentley’, particularly a brand new range of digital pianos to rival the top brands currently on the market. Following the success of their UK launch at Intermusic’s exhibition at the Institute of Directors in London’s Pall Mall we are operating a Nationwide distribution service to meet the growing demand for these Bentley digital pianos.
The UK piano export market remains strong and exciting as long as there will be a supply to feed the demand, how many pianos do we have on our Island tucked away in our living rooms or piano shops store rooms? With overseas piano buyers now looking further afield, in Italy, Spain, France and Germany we can provide a regular service to most European countries although the additional costs of European road transport makes these pianos a good deal more expensive for the buyer. Piano Trade Exports a UK based team of piano traders with English and Chinese speaking staff have been quick to seize the opportunity and have a huge range of pianos for sale, a number of serious Chinese buyers and regularly seek quality used pianos for their buyers, contact Kelly Zhang for more information on buying or selling pianos if you are a Chinese buyer and have concerns about getting your pianos through Chinese Customs, please contact us as we have a Chinese Customs expert based in Shanghai who can help, we can introduce you to a Chinese speaking UK based agent too for customs clearance advice and procedures in the UK and China.
We look for ward to the year ahead and increased volume of trade with piano buyers in China, do not hesitate to contact us on +44 20 8994 9733 for more advice and help on piano shipping or e-mail us Thank you.


Some useful information for you should you visit the beautiful City of Shanghai.

Shanghai Weather & Climate


Tourist City


110.0527 million domestic tourists, earning 161.241 billion yuan



Historical Sites of Revolutionary Activities



Tourist Scenes


Since 1990, Shanghai has built a batch of landmark architectures that are known both at home and abroad. These buildings have become new tourist scenes in the city, reflecting its new appearances. They include the Bund — the symbol of Shanghai, the People`s Square which is known as a“city green lung,”the Orient Pearl Broadcasting and Television Tower, Jin Mao Tower, the Pedestrian Mall of Nanjing Road, Shanghai Museum, Shanghai Grand Theater and the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall.



Food and Shopping






Piano Auction – Yamaha Steinway Bechstein Erard pianos for sale

Only one month away from the next London Piano Auctions, we look forward to meeting all our existing and potential new customers there, as usual Vicky will have sweets and gifts to give away.
We have almost 100 pianos ready for transport to the piano auctions with a few still to collect, I’m sure there’s a piano to suit all budgets and tastes, with reconditioned Yamaha Upright pianos which look (almost) as good as new, plenty of Bechstein and Steinway pianos for the discerning pianists (with bigger budgets) antique and modern pianos too.
The Piano Auctions will be held at the Conway Halls, Red Lion Square, Holborn, London, for more details and catalogue visit
With the usual attaractions of Steinway pianos, Yamaha pianos and various antique pianos for sale, the interest will be huge.
Watch this space for more piano auction news. Hope to see you all there.

Post Piano Auction ..

Wow – what a great sale, what a great attendance from the Great British piano trade and how well they shopped! The reconditioned Yamaha Upright pianos proved to be very popular as were the always sought after Steinway pianos – and not only bought by the British, some very interesting pianos will now be shipped abroad. Surprisingly not as many of the antique pianos were bought by the Chinese piano buyers as were anticipated, they aimed for Steinway and Bechstein Pianos, both very well respected European piano makers of course. This does support the evidence of growing interest in China for all good European products, not only pianos but cars, clothing, watches and accessories too and who can blame them really? This does also emphasise that you cannot substitute quality for price, no matter where you are in the world and what it is you do, or what you want to purchase. However the Piano Auctions do offer the opportunity to get the best of both, there are great pianos at really affordable prices. G&R Removals have the same principle, to provide a good value service.