Steinway Model D piano delivery

Interesting delivery of a 9’0″ Steinway model D piano deliveryin Cornwall.

G&R Removals delivers thousands of pianos every year, but when musician and piano enthusiast Harvey Bowden purchased a Steinway Model D piano – a full sized Concert Grand – requiring delivery to his home in Trelawne Cornwall, the company had to use all its experience and ingenuity to get it to its new home safely.
Harvey’s house is on the top of a cliff overlooking the sea and access using the narrow steps from the beach was impossible.
After negotiating the narrow streets around Trelawne the G&R crew successfully reached a concrete slipway at the foot of the cliff and arranged for a boat crane and gantry to lift the precious piano over the sea wall onto a terrace, before finally maneuvering it down a passageway into the music room.
Clive Pinkham of Pinkham Pianos who sourced the Steinway Model D piano for Harvey said, “The piano went into Trelawne very smoothly. G&R Removals were great. We all waited for a gap in the rain showers and then got to it. They manhandled it across the sea wall and then fi tted the lifting strops. The boat crane lifted her up onto the deck and then the temporary chain hoist on a gantry lifted her up over the wall and into the passageway. A quick push and she was in.”

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