Shipping pianos to China

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Airfreight a Steinway piano to Shanghai

Last year our packers wrapped over 170 pianos for export to Asia, mainly shipping pianos to China and Korea, to meet the rising demand for European pianos in Asia, the particularly sought after brands are Steinway, Bechstein, Bluthner and Erard pianos rather than Yamaha or Kawai. Most will be shipped to China by sea into Beijing or Shanghai in containers this week, but we have sent one piano by airfreight to Korea and one piano this week for airfreight to Shanghai.

Airfreight is apparently considered one of the safest modes of freight, but it is essential the pianos are packed correctly for this to be effective. Shipping Pianos to China is relatively problem free until the pianos arrive at port, ultimately the paperwork needs to be in order 100% and a good clearing agent is essential – please contact us for a complete service for shipping pianos to China. We have the facility in the UK for transport, collection, storage, export packing the pianos prior to shipping to China, Korea or elsewhere with clearing agents in most countries and cities around the world. When shipping a piano, not only to China or Korea, it is important to know that the piano is in good hands all the way from the UK to your port of entry or final destination, this starts with a good moving company such as G&R Removals in London, who can collect your piano with the right equipment and trained staff, fully export wrap and pack the pianos into timber cases when necessary and carry out the UK haulage, customs formalities, customs clearance and International shipping to your port of arrival, where it is also important to have a reputable and well – established customs clearing agent for when the piano or container arrives at the port otherwise you could spend a fortune on demurrage charges and additional handling costs. G&R Removals have great contacts throughout China Asia and across the world. When you need Piano shipping you need to consider your piano shipping agent, ask G&R for their free advice and help before you go elsewhere.

Brand new for 2014 – G&R has formed an association with ADP in Shanghai called D2D – Europe to China for a door to door service including local customs clearance, documentation and freight by road, sea, and air available (see above for shipping pianos to China) Call our office for rates or e-mail (London office) (Shanghai office)

We frequently need to ask this question to comply with the law on selling pianos with ivory keyboards. It’s not always as easy to tell as you might imagine!

So if you are not sure how to tell if your keyboard has ivory keys we would recommend this very helpful video on you Tube. Simply Google ‘How To Tell If You Have Ivory Piano Keys?’ and you should be directed to a clear video presented by Robert of Living Pianos. (If you have any difficulty with this, cut and paste the following into your browser:- )

Current legislation states that if the piano is manufactured after 1946 an Article 10 Certificate is required by law to sell an instrument with an ivory keyboard. Here at Piano Auctions Ltd we are happy to apply for Article 10 Certificates on behalf of our vendors.

If you have any questions regarding ivory keyboards please do not hesitate to contact us.

For more information on selling ivory keyboards please visit the Animal Health & Veterinary Agency (AHVLA), UK CITES Management Authority at

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