Pianos to China and Korea

Last week at G&R Removals – the specialist piano movers, our expert packers wrapped over 60 pianos ready for export to Asia, mainly pianos to China and Korea, to meet the rising demand for European pianos in Asia. Most will be shipped by sea into Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong or Seoul in containers this week and next, but we have sent pianos by airfreight to Korea and one piano this week for airfreight to Shanghai. Airfreight is apparently considered one of the safest modes of freight, but it is essential the pianos are packed correctly for this to be effective. To pack correctly for airfreight all pianos to China and Korea  it is of vital importance that the grand piano can be laid flat inside the aircraft’s hold as it stands too high once packed and cased and sitting on the side. At G&R we carefully wrap the piano in a cushion-wrap made for export packing and providing additional protection than just paper products, which often get wet through condensation and changes in humidity during the freight process and are rendered totally useless upon arrival causing damage to the casework of the piano. The piano also must be suspended inside the case to keep the ‘belly’ of the piano free from the base of the case. Our timber cases are tailor built to accomodate each piano and they are constructed from approved timber in order to meet the International Shipping regulations on the use of timber packaging  in export, they are heat treated in order to get rid of any unpleasant pests or diseases prior to shipping pianos to China or Korea. Most other countries across the world have signed up to this agreement in order to stop the spread of pests. Anyway, back to the packaging of pianos, the cases are then clearly marked with internationally recognised symbols in order to keep the pianos inside the cases dry, safe and in good condition. Please visit our website to contact us for any piano shipping by air or by sea. We would love to hear from you.



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