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UK Piano Transport and Distribution is set to receive a huge boost this summer, thanks to a G&R Removals Ltd constructed timetable of Piano Transport and Distribution service for the whole of the UK and Ireland for all trade accounts and private clients. Following a succession of meetings with major European Piano Transport and Distribution Companies last year, G&R Removals Ltd established the European Piano Movers Association (EPiMA) for the benefit of all our clients who require a European Piano Transport Service, attracting the interest of major European and International Piano Manufacturers; Concert Pianists, Artists and overseas piano buyers looking towards Europe for piano supply. A weekly Piano Transport schedule for every postcode in the country will soon be available, an improved web based communication facility is planned, with the intention of allowing Account Customer Interaction and Piano Transport orders to be completed directly on-line. This will reduce waiting and processing time; increase efficiency and end-user satisfaction, offering an unprecedented Piano Transport service across the UK, Ireland and Europe with our partners in Europe and overseas. A weekly European Piano Transport service has already been established by G&R and EPiMA members in Europe, with departures to Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, France and Ireland. The trucks leave our London warehouse mid week for delivery the following week to most areas, a truly unrivalled and unprecedented Piano Transport service, please contact lance@gandrremovals.co.uk for further information and Piano Transport rates for UK and Europe. Contact Jamie@gandrremovals.co.uk for all non-EU Piano Transport, shipping and freight services. Tameside-20130321-00148

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