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G&R Specialist Piano Movers are happy to announce a brand new piano shipping service from the UK to China. Having established links for piano shipping in UK China and beyond, customs clearance, handling and distribution of pianos in  China, we can now offer a door to door piano shipping service for all our trade clients and now private Chinese buyers too. (We have established links for piano shipping, UK China and many other worldwide destinations including the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand with professional moving companies as long term partners of G&R) Our UK to China service is relatively new but we have been working to improve this service for 3 years now.
Initial hurdles such as negotiating with Chinese customs to agree the import valuations and establish a database of values for European pianos  have been overcome. We have agents at Shanghai port who work closely with our Customs Broker and handling agents to agree the pianos value. This avoids lengthy and costly delays in storage. Our agents liaise directly with the Chinese Customs and the valuation specialists on our clients behalf. We have established new delivery relationships with professional movers across China with main offices in Shanghai and Beijing for all trade and private piano shipping UK China.

We believe we are the first and only UK based specialist piano moving Company to provide this specialist piano transport & shipping service to China, opening the door to probably the worlds largest and fastest growing consumer market, the opportunities are immense. Please contact us if you would like more information on piano shipping, packing, transport or destination services across the world or if you would like any further information on piano shipping to other locations. Visit our contact page on our website www.gandrremovals.co.uk or please call us on +44 1753 589080 we are waiting for your call and would love to hear from you.

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