Piano Shipping and Marine Insurance

Container loss - svendborg-Maersk

Container loss 2 svendborg-Maersk

The tragic and dramatic pictures show a container vessel which ‘lost’ over 500 containers at sea en-route to Malaga. 500 Containers off one ship.. This is a record apparently. This should answer any queries and quash any doubts whether Marine Insurance should be essential when piano shipping (or any other shipping), and a fully comprehensive Marine Insurance at that. Accidents happen and that is why Insurers are there. Over 5 million containers are at sea each day across the seven seas carry all of goods across the globe – not just piano shipping of course. The risks are real and prevalent and frequent, don’t take a chance with your piano, furniture or personal effects.

G&R Removals can arrange a fully comprehensive All Risk Marine Insurance policy for your piano shipping as well as your furniture and personal effects if required. This is a service we carry out for a modest administration fee for the benefit of all our valued customers with piano shipping requirements. Please ask our representatives about Marine Insurance for full details when making piano shipping enquiries. Remember not to under-insure your goods and to include the cost of freight, carriage and any other costs too, in the unfortunate event of total loss…

Container facts –
Most containers are 20′ or 40′ long with some Hi-Cube or 45′ long for additional capacity.
According to some Marine Insurers a container can float for several weeks before sinking causing huge environmental issues and dangers to ships.
particularly a refrigerated container – which is insulated will float for much longer. Surprisingly and quite worryingly there are no requirement for Shippers or Shipping lines to report container losses to the International Maritime Organization or any other international body, so no one seems to know how many containers are lost at sea every year… pretty incredible!!
Used containers are being restored and renovated providing a solution to some housing problems. Not just a solution for International piano shipping…


We frequently need to ask this question to comply with the law on selling pianos with ivory keyboards. It’s not always as easy to tell as you might imagine!

So if you are not sure how to tell if your keyboard has ivory keys we would recommend this very helpful video on you Tube. Simply Google ‘How To Tell If You Have Ivory Piano Keys?’ and you should be directed to a clear video presented by Robert of Living Pianos. (If you have any difficulty with this, cut and paste the following into your browser:- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7HkiRh_Jjs )

Current legislation states that if the piano is manufactured after 1946 an Article 10 Certificate is required by law to sell an instrument with an ivory keyboard. Here at Piano Auctions Ltd we are happy to apply for Article 10 Certificates on behalf of our vendors.

If you have any questions regarding ivory keyboards please do not hesitate to contact us.

For more information on selling ivory keyboards please visit the Animal Health & Veterinary Agency (AHVLA), UK CITES Management Authority at www.defra.gov.uk

We look forward to hearing from you and any questions or concerns you may have regarding International furniture or piano shipping and related Marine Insurance cover

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