Bluthner Grand piano on the 58th floor of the Shard in London

A Bluthner Grand piano was delivered by G&R Removals to the 58th floor of the Shard in London on behalf of the Bluthner Piano Centre in London. If this isn’t the highest piano in Europe we want to know where there’s a higher one, the top of Mont Blanc?File:Cmglee Horminan London skyline.jpg Eiffel Tower ??


The Shard is Western Europe’s tallest building, completed in May 2012. Designed by world renowned architect Renzo Piano, and standing at an inspiring 310 meters (1,016 feet), it is an iconic and positive addition to the London skyline and a truly landmark project.

Inspired by the spires of London’s churches and the top sails of the ships that used to moor on the Thames, the Shard is an elegant slim glass spire with individual ‘‘shards’’ that make up the outer skin. The use of sophisticated glazing and angled panes reflect the light as the sun moves, creating an elegant presence on the skyline.

Located at London Bridge Quarter, replacing the 28 year old Southwark Tower, the scheme has been conceived by Renzo Piano as a mixed use ‘‘vertical city’’ that includes a public piazza, world class office space, an exclusive collection of residential apartments which is the highest in the UK, the 5-star Shangri-La Hotel with spa and pool and international restaurants and viewing galleries offering unprecedented 360 degree views of London.

Unlike other skyscrapers in London the Shard has a mix of elements to encourage public interaction, combining both public and private space in one energetic community. It is expected to become a new focal point in the capital and to be adopted enthusiastically by Londoners.

The Place, also designed by Renzo Piano, sits alongside the Shard and benefits from a stunning roof terrace. At 17 floors, it offers an impressive 600,000 sq ft of office space making it a perfect corporate headquarters. London Bridge Quarter integrates these two landmark buildings into one master planned project that will transform and upgrade London Bridge station to the highest standards of transport design, connecting seamlessly to new public realm to transform the public space outside London Bridge Station into a dynamic commercial and mixed use area. London Bridge Quarter is a development by Sellar on behalf of LBQ Ltd, a joint venture between Sellar Property Group and the State of Qatar.

And a Bluthner Grand piano way up on the 58th floor – probably the most elevated piano in Europe… delivered and positioned by G&R Removals – London.


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