European piano transport

European Piano Transport

Customer Information
London, January 2014

The market for pianos, grand pianos and similar instruments has contracted over the past years. The economic situation in some countries has aggravated this development especially in 2013. Sustainable growth impulses cannot be expected in the immediate future. The resulting decrease in volume poses a major challenge to logistic companies in the ‘piano sector’. The services offered at present cannot be sustained without fun-damental changes.

For said reasons the companies G&R Ltd. in London, Griffioen Transport B.V. in Bode-graven and P&M Logistics GmbH in Lichtenfels have decided to intensify and extend their existing partnership. The aim of this cooperation is to sustain present services for the ‘piano sector’ through the improvement of synergies and cost limitations whilst maintaining said services. In order to accomplish this, the three companies have agreed upon the following procedure from January 2014 onwards.

– G&R Ltd. takes over the collection and distribution of all instruments in entire Great Britain.
– Griffioen Transport B.V. takes over the collection and distribution of all instru-ments in the Netherlands, Belgium and Northern France.
– P&M Logistics GmbH takes over the collection and distribution in the rest of the European countries, especially Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and secures the line haul between the three partners.
The customer relations between you and the respective company being part of this partnership are not affected. Your present contact person remains the same.

The results of the partnership will be assessed closely by the three companies. The three partners have the intention to extend the European network with more partners in the medium run, assuming that this assessment will be a positive one. This network will provide the piano sector with logistical services based on uniform service and qual-ity standards. The aim is to offer business clients, meaning industry and commerce, as well as private clients a comprehensive service for the transportation and storage of instruments.

If you have any further queries on European Piano Transport or additional services provided by our network, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Lance D Green, Victoria Murphy

G&R Ltd.
100 Bollo Lane
London W4 5LX

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  1. Lance
    Lance says:

    This week our Piano Transport service is covering France, Spain, Belgium and Germany. We had an Express service which required one piano to Spain for one of our oldest customers, at a the drop of a hat G&R sent the van to Gijon in Northern Spain from Poole, with one new Grand Piano supplied by the Bluthner {Piano Centre in London’s Mayfair for a discerning pianist and Bluthner Piano fan. Our crew will be away for 4 days including the return travel time, not that they’re complaining of course, its like a holiday… albeit struggling halfway up a mountain with a grand piano of course.


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