UK and European orchestra tours

Throughout this years season of orchestra tours which has taken us from the Czech Rebublic, through Germany, Netherlands,Belgium, Scotland, Ireland, France and Spain in addition to the numerous prestigious venues in London and throughout the UK. The recently completed European tour of the Moscow State Symphony Orchestra was a hugely successful part of the Zurich International Concert Series 2012-2013 which G&R Removals Orchestral touring department was very proud to be the chosen carrier for all the instruments. For almost seven decades, the Moscow State Symphony Orchestra has been recognized as one of the foremost interpreters of the classic Russian composers. An L.A. Times critic recently said the orchestra ‘might well be the world’s least-heralded great orchestra’. Since Pavel Kogan became Music Director he has earned the orchestra a high reputation for artistic excellence and in 2011 his name went into a list of the ten greatest conductors of the 20th century. Along with a line-up of virtuosic young soloists this series of concerts celebrating the key works of Tchaikovsky is a treat not to be missed.

Part of Zurich International Concert Series 2012-13.

Below – our temperature controlled tuck and trailer unloads the instruments of the Moscow State Symphony Orchestra at London’s Cadogan Halls as part of the European Tour, with live satellite tracking systems and heated trailer there are no other transport companies better placed to carry out these Orchestra Tours. Our drivers are routinely trained in all aspects of their work and have achieved great marks in driver profiling tests by Insurers. All our drivers are certified a Low Risk with great perception skills and hazard awareness. This certainly helps all our customers rest assured that their precious instruments are in the best possible hands, particularly considering the high mileage that the orchestra tours demand and associated hazards of such mileage. G&R are proud to have such a record and consider investing in staff and driver training to be a fundamental part of the success.

Currently, the truck pictured below is loading all instruments from the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra in Prague in the Czech Republic for a tour of Spain, for performances at some of Spain’s most prestigious Concert Halls, from Alicante, to Madrid, San Sebastian, Oviedo and Zaragoza. Other than the distance involved the driver meets the challenges imposed by winter roads and associated congestion. The truck is fitted with Winter tyres and snow chains when necessary and the trailer’s temperature set at a cosy 21c – one of the reasons that G&R are favoured for UK and European orchestra tours again and again.

On tour with the Moscow State Symphony Orchestra

On tour with the Moscow State Symphony Orchestra

Liberace Piano

G&R Removals have collected a piano owned and played by Liberace which will be auctioned on the 20th September at the London Piano Auctions for more details visit the Piano Auctions Website

This is a unique piano with a totally wacky design and synonymous with Liberace’s well known extravagance. Luckily it can be dismantled for ease of handling. There just needs to be a wacky and slightly eccentric Pianist out there to enjoy /add to their collection / impress friends and neighbours ….. The Liberace piano will be on view from Tuesday 18.09.12 at the London Piano Auction at Conway Hall Red Lion Square in London’s Holborn.

Update – Good news – The Liberace piano sold to a fan of the great Liberace and remains in the UK. This was a big surprise as most people had earmarked this for the Chinese Piano Market.

Indeed there was no lack of interest from the Chinese Piano buyers however, the Liberace fan stuck to his guns, kept his nerve and out-bid the Chinese to keep the piano.

G&R Removals were contracted to transport the piano from the auctions to the discerning gentleman’s home in the North West of England, where it remains to this day as far as we know.

Anyone else got a Liberace Piano for Sale ?

Liberace Piano

Pianos to China and Korea

Last week at G&R Removals – the specialist piano movers, our expert packers wrapped over 60 pianos ready for export to Asia, mainly pianos to China and Korea, to meet the rising demand for European pianos in Asia. Most will be shipped by sea into Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong or Seoul in containers this week and next, but we have sent pianos by airfreight to Korea and one piano this week for airfreight to Shanghai. Airfreight is apparently considered one of the safest modes of freight, but it is essential the pianos are packed correctly for this to be effective. To pack correctly for airfreight all pianos to China and Korea  it is of vital importance that the grand piano can be laid flat inside the aircraft’s hold as it stands too high once packed and cased and sitting on the side. At G&R we carefully wrap the piano in a cushion-wrap made for export packing and providing additional protection than just paper products, which often get wet through condensation and changes in humidity during the freight process and are rendered totally useless upon arrival causing damage to the casework of the piano. The piano also must be suspended inside the case to keep the ‘belly’ of the piano free from the base of the case. Our timber cases are tailor built to accomodate each piano and they are constructed from approved timber in order to meet the International Shipping regulations on the use of timber packaging  in export, they are heat treated in order to get rid of any unpleasant pests or diseases prior to shipping pianos to China or Korea. Most other countries across the world have signed up to this agreement in order to stop the spread of pests. Anyway, back to the packaging of pianos, the cases are then clearly marked with internationally recognised symbols in order to keep the pianos inside the cases dry, safe and in good condition. Please visit our website to contact us for any piano shipping by air or by sea. We would love to hear from you.



Moving the Berlin Symphony Orchestra – temperature controlled transport service

The Konzerthaus Berlin insisted on a temperature controlled transport at all times of 20C. We sent our 16.5M custom-built, temperature-controlled trailer to carry out the tour, we couldn’t collect the instruments until 17.00 on a Sunday in Berlin, so due to the weekend driving restrictions imposed on trucks in Europe our ‘poor driver’ Robert had to spend the whole weekend in Berlin, sightseeing and ‘bird-watching’ (according to him) we had no idea he was such a keen Ornithologist.  Robert has also fitted his truck with Satellite TV and DVD player should he need to keep track of the football and a cooker and fridge to keep clear of motorway food.

With the imposing 1000+ kms drive from Berlin to Nottingham, Robert drove throughout Sunday night to Monday morning in order to meet the deadline for arrival at the first venue in Nottingham on Tuesday. It is of paramount importance that we arrive in plenty of time to meet the musicians, unload for the afternoon rehearsal. The first concert is always nerve racking for the tour operators IMG Artists, the Orchestra’s musicians and for us, the first nights concert was ultimately a success and the nerves had settled a little from then on.

The tour then took him across the UK from Perth to Belfast to London and Cardiff over the month, each time making the deadlines with time to spare.

We look forward to welcoming the Berlin Orchestra back to the UK next year of course using our temperature controlled transport service