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Since 1853, Blüthner pianos have been exclusively manufactured in Leipzig, Germany. To this day, the Blüthner family of craftsman and entrepreneurs continues to head the Blüthner firm and personally oversees the production of each piano bearing their name. They carry on the legacy of the founder, Julius Blüthner, to build the best pianos in the world. The highest standards of precision and craftsmanship have been achieved here for over 150 years. Today, this standard is certified on every individual soundboard by the signatures of the Blüthner family owners.

Bluthner Pianos London, also known as the Bluthner Piano Centre London, recently relocated their showrooms and offices within London’s West End, from their previous showroom at Davies Street near Berkeley Square to 10 Portman Square, where the front entrance has an impressive location on Baker Street. This is a 5 minute walk from Selfridges on Oxford Street.
The showrooms are brand new with a modern, architectural feel. There are 2 levels of showrooms and additional practice and recording rooms in the basement with air-conditioning throughout. All designed and managed by Peter Corney CEO of Bluthner Pianos London. The showroom looks like a million dollars, although I believe there was a little more spent on the project.

G&R Removals are Bluthner Pianos London sole carriers for UK and Ireland and we were delighted to be contracted with the removal of all pianos and accessories; office furniture, files and sundries. There were over 40 pianos to remove ranging from Bluthner Upright Pianos through to Bluthner Concert Grand Pianos and the impressive, if slightly eccentric, PH Piano range – What you see is what you hear. The sound is Blüthner quality, brilliant and crystal clear like the concept of the design itself. The PH Grand Piano was designed in 1931 by Poul Henningsen. It still belongs to the future. It brings style and beauty to any surrounding and interior project. Be inspired by German quality and a Scandinavian design icon

We initially were asked to carry out a direct move to the new headquarters over 2 days, however delays in the completion of the new building at fairly late notice changed plans for us, and for Bluthner Pianos.

All pianos had to be removed to our warehouse for temporary storage, we created a temporary showroom and tuning room within our warehouse and set-up a temporary office facility within our offices for team at Bluthner Pianos London. It was all fairly last minute, but it worked well and we enjoyed the company.

The impressive new showrooms are now open for business and already have attracted a good deal of local new business and passing customers, perhaps en-route to Selfridges in Oxford Street? The phone number and web contact remains the same.
Since 1853, Blüthner pianos have been exclusively manufactured in Leipzig, Germany. To this day, the Blüthner family of craftsman and entrepreneurs continues to head the Blüthner firm and personally oversees the production of each piano bearing their name. They carry on the legacy of the founder, Julius Blüthner, to build the best pianos in the world. The highest standards of precision and craftsmanship have been achieved here for over 160 years.

Supréme Edition – Queen Victoria

During the Victorian Age of the 19th century, Blüthner was purveyor to the Royal Court of Queen Victoria. The English Society in this time adored the style of the Neo – Renaissance, which expressed the wealth and the feeling of belonging to the most important nation in the world in a most convincing way. Queen Victoria and her princely husband Albert defined that period which was later named after them.

This instrument is designed in the style of this time, executed in precious rosewood, enhanced with hand carved ornaments and applications, with powerfully styled legs and a finely etched music desk, and perfectly conveys the philosophy of that period. The styling of this instrument rightfully bears the name Queen Victoria.

The Supréme Edition – Queen Victoria is available in the Model 1, Model 2 and Model 4 grand piano lengths by special order.

Piano Transport

UK Piano Transport and Distribution is set to receive a huge boost this summer, thanks to a G&R Removals Ltd constructed timetable of Piano Transport and Distribution service for the whole of the UK and Ireland for all trade accounts and private clients. Following a succession of meetings with major European Piano Transport and Distribution Companies last year, G&R Removals Ltd established the European Piano Movers Association (EPiMA) for the benefit of all our clients who require a European Piano Transport Service, attracting the interest of major European and International Piano Manufacturers; Concert Pianists, Artists and overseas piano buyers looking towards Europe for piano supply. A weekly Piano Transport schedule for every postcode in the country will soon be available, an improved web based communication facility is planned, with the intention of allowing Account Customer Interaction and Piano Transport orders to be completed directly on-line. This will reduce waiting and processing time; increase efficiency and end-user satisfaction, offering an unprecedented Piano Transport service across the UK, Ireland and Europe with our partners in Europe and overseas. A weekly European Piano Transport service has already been established by G&R and EPiMA members in Europe, with departures to Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, France and Ireland. The trucks leave our London warehouse mid week for delivery the following week to most areas, a truly unrivalled and unprecedented Piano Transport service, please contact for further information and Piano Transport rates for UK and Europe. Contact for all non-EU Piano Transport, shipping and freight services. Tameside-20130321-00148

The right way to move pianos by G&R London

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The right way to move pianos

by Marianne Lee | Aug 13, 2012

Piano moving tips.

Those of a certain age will remember the classic PG Tips TV advert where the famous chimps were trying to move a piano up a flight of stairs. That immortal line, “do you know the piano’s on my foot?” and the reply, “you hum it son and I’ll play it,” will live forever in our minds and has, no doubt, been repeated by removals men struggling to move pianos ever since.

However, moving pianos in real life is no laughing matter and with some costing more than £100,000 getting it wrong can be an expensive, not to say embarrassing business.

Here Lance Green from specialist piano movers G&R Removals offers some inside advice on how to make sure these precious items arrive safely.

G&R’s top five tips:
1.Knowledge – Know the make, model and insurance value of the piano you’ve been asked to move – an online search may be useful. Concert grand pianos are around 9-10 feet long, often weigh over 500kgs and can cost over £100k. Even uprights can weigh 300kgs and cost over £20k.
2.Good Training – It is of paramount importance that the operatives have piano-moving experience – make sure they know how to lift and handle the piano. Each make of grand piano has different types of leg fitting so it’s important to know how to remove or replace these and the lyre correctly. Take a well equipped tool kit and make sure all leg fittings are secure when setting up at the new location.
3.Equipment – Piano wheels or a piano trolley are an essential part of a piano-movers equipment. Make sure you have the correct fitting piano shoe, or slipper. For grand pianos, a tailor made padded piano cover is recommended although a full export wrap will usually give enough protection.
4.Planning and preparation – Plan the route for removal or delivery, clear any obstacles, protect wooden flooring and carpets. The brass casters on pianos can badly damage wooden flooring, particularly laminated floors.
5.Communication – While the piano is being prepared for transport or being moved, the team should talk to each other throughout to make sure everyone is aware of the process and avoid accident.

G&R will be happy to provide free advice to other readers of The Mover or to carry out piano moves on their behalf – +44 (0) 20 8994 9733.

G&R Removals in the press – moving pianos

From THE MOVER magazine

The independent voice of the global moving industry

G&R Removals delivers hundreds (thousands) of pianos every year, but when musician and piano enthusiast Harvey Bowden purchased a Steinway Concert Grand piano from the London Piano Auctions and contacted G&R for the Concert Grand delivery to his home in Trelawne Cornwall, the company had to use all its experience and ingenuity to get it to its new home safely. Along with some useful lifting equipment.
Harvey’s house is on the top of a cliff overlooking the sea and access using the narrow steps from the beach was impossible.
After negotiating the narrow streets around Trelawne the G&R crew successfully reached a concrete slipway at the foot of the cliff and arranged for a boat crane and gantry to lift the precious piano over the sea wall onto a terrace, before finally maneuvering it down a passageway into the music room.
Clive Pinkham of Pinkham Pianos who sourced the Steinway for Harvey said, “The piano went into Trelawne very smoothly.
G&R Removals were great. We all waited for a gap in the rain showers and then got to it. They manhandled it across the sea wall and then fitted the lifting strops. The boat crane lifted her up onto the deck and then the temporary chain hoist on a gantry lifted her up over the wall and into the passageway. A quick push and she was in.”

Temperature control for perfect pianos

by Marianne Lee | Aug 28, 2012

G&R Removals’ custom built truck for moving pianos.

G&R Removals has just taken delivery of this Renault Midlum 1,200 cu ft, 12 tonne, with a seven-man crew cab, rear closure cantilever tail lift and temperature-controlled body, built by Essex Bodies Ltd.

Lance said: “We replaced an older crew cab vehicle that was only Euro 3 emissions standard and it was not cost-effective to retro fit a filter to it. We ordered this in January from Renault trucks and gave the chassis cab to Essex Bodies in April. They custom-build our trucks to a specific standard which must include a temperature control system for the carriage of pianos during winter months, particularly those destined for concerts and rehearsals. A rear-closure cantilever tail lift is now fitted as standard, Essex Bodies do pay great attention to detail and work alongside us with new ideas and suggestions. Air suspension for the reduced turbulence in transit is standard on all our trucks, and a crew-cab for when we have work needing four men or more.”

Dean Fisher is the appointed driver and foreman, he has worked for G&R for over 12 years. He’s obviously very pleased with his new vehicle and, at the time of going to press, was driving around France trying to avoid narrow lanes so he won’t scratch the paintwork on overhanging bushes and shrubs.

G&R has also recently placed an order for an 18 tonne DAF Space Cab for international and long distance work, due in December.