We frequently need to ask this question to comply with the law on selling or shipping pianos with ivory keyboards. It’s not always as easy to tell as you might imagine!
So if you are not sure how to tell if your keyboard has ivory keys we would recommend this very helpful video on you Tube. Simply Google ‘How To Tell If You Have Ivory Piano Keys?’ and you should be directed to a clear video presented by Robert of Living Pianos. (If you have any difficulty with this, cut and paste the following into your browser:- )
Current legislation states that if the piano is manufactured after 1946 an Article 10 Certificate is required by law to sell an instrument with an ivory keyboard. The vendor will need to apply for Article 10 Certificate prior to selling the piano.

Should the piano with the ivory keyboard then be shipped from the UK or EU an Export CITES will then be required. We are happy to assist with the application of a CITES for all our customers who require this service, there are charges involved with the application and processing.

It is illegal to ship pianos with ivory keyboards without a CITES. Your shipment will most likely be refused entry and returned, resulting in huge unnecessary expenditure.

If you have any questions regarding ivory keyboards please do not hesitate to contact us.

For more information on selling ivory keyboards please visit the Animal Health & Veterinary Agency (AHVLA), UK CITES Management Authority at

Shipping pianos to China

Cargo Plane

Airfreight a Steinway piano to Shanghai

Last year our packers wrapped over 170 pianos for export to Asia, mainly shipping pianos to China and Korea, to meet the rising demand for European pianos in Asia, the particularly sought after brands are Steinway, Bechstein, Bluthner and Erard pianos rather than Yamaha or Kawai. Most will be shipped to China by sea into Beijing or Shanghai in containers this week, but we have sent one piano by airfreight to Korea and one piano this week for airfreight to Shanghai.

Airfreight is apparently considered one of the safest modes of freight, but it is essential the pianos are packed correctly for this to be effective. Shipping Pianos to China is relatively problem free until the pianos arrive at port, ultimately the paperwork needs to be in order 100% and a good clearing agent is essential – please contact us for a complete service for shipping pianos to China. We have the facility in the UK for transport, collection, storage, export packing the pianos prior to shipping to China, Korea or elsewhere with clearing agents in most countries and cities around the world. When shipping a piano, not only to China or Korea, it is important to know that the piano is in good hands all the way from the UK to your port of entry or final destination, this starts with a good moving company such as G&R Removals in London, who can collect your piano with the right equipment and trained staff, fully export wrap and pack the pianos into timber cases when necessary and carry out the UK haulage, customs formalities, customs clearance and International shipping to your port of arrival, where it is also important to have a reputable and well – established customs clearing agent for when the piano or container arrives at the port otherwise you could spend a fortune on demurrage charges and additional handling costs. G&R Removals have great contacts throughout China Asia and across the world. When you need Piano shipping you need to consider your piano shipping agent, ask G&R for their free advice and help before you go elsewhere.

Brand new for 2014 – G&R has formed an association with ADP in Shanghai called D2D – Europe to China for a door to door service including local customs clearance, documentation and freight by road, sea, and air available (see above for shipping pianos to China) Call our office for rates or e-mail (London office) (Shanghai office)

We frequently need to ask this question to comply with the law on selling pianos with ivory keyboards. It’s not always as easy to tell as you might imagine!

So if you are not sure how to tell if your keyboard has ivory keys we would recommend this very helpful video on you Tube. Simply Google ‘How To Tell If You Have Ivory Piano Keys?’ and you should be directed to a clear video presented by Robert of Living Pianos. (If you have any difficulty with this, cut and paste the following into your browser:- )

Current legislation states that if the piano is manufactured after 1946 an Article 10 Certificate is required by law to sell an instrument with an ivory keyboard. Here at Piano Auctions Ltd we are happy to apply for Article 10 Certificates on behalf of our vendors.

If you have any questions regarding ivory keyboards please do not hesitate to contact us.

For more information on selling ivory keyboards please visit the Animal Health & Veterinary Agency (AHVLA), UK CITES Management Authority at

Piano shipping to China


Following a record year in 2012 for piano shipping to China, surpassed again in 2013, we have shipped hundreds of pianos to China, as a result we have formed a partnership with a Shanghai Company to offer a brand new service D2D – door to door Europe to China piano transport and shipping with full destination services available in many Chinese locations, contact (London office) and (Shanghai office)

Together we specialise in transport and shipping of all Antique English, German and French pianos by Broadwood, Steinway, Bechstein, Bluthner and Erard with decorative inlaid cases and candelabras. Upright pianola pianos, antique cabinet pianos, square pianos and Forte Grand pianos for China. On one hand it is sad to see all those historical instruments exported forever from England to China, on the other hand they are off to a new home and appreciated more than they are here. Chinese piano buyers seek Steinway Bechstein and Bluthner Grand pianos, any model in any condition , it is a highly regarded status symbol and a mark of success to own a fine musical instrument too.

In return and by contrast, we have seen a significant increase in demand on last year for the Chinese built piano ‘Bentley’, particularly a brand new range of digital pianos to rival the top brands currently on the market. Following the success of their UK launch at Intermusic’s exhibition at the Institute of Directors in London’s Pall Mall we are operating a Nationwide distribution service to meet the growing demand for these Bentley digital pianos.
The UK piano export market remains strong and exciting as long as there will be a supply to feed the demand, how many pianos do we have on our Island tucked away in our living rooms or piano shops store rooms? With overseas piano buyers now looking further afield, in Italy, Spain, France and Germany we can provide a regular service to most European countries although the additional costs of European road transport makes these pianos a good deal more expensive for the buyer. Piano Trade Exports a UK based team of piano traders with English and Chinese speaking staff have been quick to seize the opportunity and have a huge range of pianos for sale, a number of serious Chinese buyers and regularly seek quality used pianos for their buyers, contact Kelly Zhang for more information on buying or selling pianos if you are a Chinese buyer and have concerns about getting your pianos through Chinese Customs, please contact us as we have a Chinese Customs expert based in Shanghai who can help, we can introduce you to a Chinese speaking UK based agent too for customs clearance advice and procedures in the UK and China.
We look for ward to the year ahead and increased volume of trade with piano buyers in China, do not hesitate to contact us on +44 20 8994 9733 for more advice and help on piano shipping or e-mail us Thank you.


Some useful information for you should you visit the beautiful City of Shanghai.

Shanghai Weather & Climate


Tourist City


110.0527 million domestic tourists, earning 161.241 billion yuan



Historical Sites of Revolutionary Activities



Tourist Scenes


Since 1990, Shanghai has built a batch of landmark architectures that are known both at home and abroad. These buildings have become new tourist scenes in the city, reflecting its new appearances. They include the Bund — the symbol of Shanghai, the People`s Square which is known as a“city green lung,”the Orient Pearl Broadcasting and Television Tower, Jin Mao Tower, the Pedestrian Mall of Nanjing Road, Shanghai Museum, Shanghai Grand Theater and the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall.



Food and Shopping






piano shipping UK

G&R Specialist Piano Movers are happy to announce a brand new piano shipping service from the UK to China. Having established links for piano shipping in UK China and beyond, customs clearance, handling and distribution of pianos in  China, we can now offer a door to door piano shipping service for all our trade clients and now private Chinese buyers too. (We have established links for piano shipping, UK China and many other worldwide destinations including the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand with professional moving companies as long term partners of G&R) Our UK to China service is relatively new but we have been working to improve this service for 3 years now.
Initial hurdles such as negotiating with Chinese customs to agree the import valuations and establish a database of values for European pianos  have been overcome. We have agents at Shanghai port who work closely with our Customs Broker and handling agents to agree the pianos value. This avoids lengthy and costly delays in storage. Our agents liaise directly with the Chinese Customs and the valuation specialists on our clients behalf. We have established new delivery relationships with professional movers across China with main offices in Shanghai and Beijing for all trade and private piano shipping UK China.

We believe we are the first and only UK based specialist piano moving Company to provide this specialist piano transport & shipping service to China, opening the door to probably the worlds largest and fastest growing consumer market, the opportunities are immense. Please contact us if you would like more information on piano shipping, packing, transport or destination services across the world or if you would like any further information on piano shipping to other locations. Visit our contact page on our website or please call us on +44 1753 589080 we are waiting for your call and would love to hear from you.

Music China

Music China 2016

Full list of exhibitors from the UK (source of information – Musikmesse)

United Kingdom ABRSM E3D34
United Kingdom Aerodrums W2C42
United Kingdom Alliance Brass Ltd W1B31
United Kingdom Boosey & Hawkes Music E3B11
United Kingdom British Drum Co Ltd W2D41
United Kingdom Burns London Guitars W5E62
United Kingdom The Clarke Tinwhistle Co W1A34
United Kingdom Denis Wick – London W1B31
United Kingdom Tokai Guitars Europe W4C24
United Kingdom Faber Music E3D40
United Kingdom Faith Guitar W3A15
United Kingdom Hiwatt Electronics Ltd W4C28
United Kingdom J&A Beare E3C58
United Kingdom John Packer Ltd W1E52
United Kingdom The Music Sales Group Ltd E3F32
United Kingdom Paxman Musical Instruments Ltd W1B35
United Kingdom Edition Peters E3D40
United Kingdom RSL Awards E3D32
United Kingdom The Sound Post Ltd E4B11
United Kingdom Tido (UK) Ltd E3D40
United Kingdom Trevor James W1B37
United Kingdom Trinity College London Press E3D48
United Kingdom Warwick Music Group W1A32

26 – 29 October 2016, Shanghai

G&R Removals – will be attending again this year with our Chinese and European partners and are extremely proud to announce that we are carrying out seafreight and airfreight shipments from the UK to the Music China show this year, for many UK Exhibitors.

Latest from Musikmesse –

Be spoilt for choice with an incredible range of music products at Music China, the largest fair of its kind in Asia! The fair ended on a high note in 2015, featuring 1,782 exhibitors and suppliers from 30 countries and regions, welcoming over 80,000 visitors from around the globe.

Celebrating its 15th edition, Music China 2016 will further be expanded to 10 exhibition halls (up to 113,000 sqm), bringing to you the latest market’s favorites in a more spacious and specialized setting. Apart from bringing in the up-and-coming products, diversified fringe programs will be held to cater for different needs. Renowned speakers will share their insights on a variety of topics and tips on growing your business. From master classes to industry forums, from traditional music appreciation to the never-ending music live shows, be sure to stop by one of the amazing events!

Plan now to experience the unexpected. We are looking forward to welcoming you at Music China!


Up to date information from Music China – reasons to visit? Find out for youselves..

As Asia Pacific’s largest sourcing venue for the music industry, Music China offers an extensive range of musical instruments and accessories from traditional Chinese instruments to western orchestral and classical items to rock – everything from acoustic, electronic, western or Chinese.

The exhibition, held in Shanghai’s NEW EXPO Centre in Pu Dong – China’s most exciting and cosmopolitan city, attracts thousands of musician, retailers, dealers, distributors and agents from China and the rest of the world. Not only for pianos, for all Musical Instruments

As the primary sourcing show for the region, at Music China you can discover the latest products from the world’s biggest and best-known music companies as well as networking for new business opportunities.


Why visit

◾Meet more than 1600 manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world.
◾Source over thousands innovative products under one roof.
◾Learn the smart tips from industry peers from stock control to new business era development.

Report from previous Music China shows-
Music China 2012
Just back from the fast-paced, buzzing Metropolis that is Shanghai, the host city of Music China. At the Shanghai New Exhibition Expo Centre in PuDong, participants from the Worlds Music Industry descended with excitement, anticipation and optimism.
Representing G&R – The Piano Movers, my interest mainly focused on the piano hall, E.1, with impressive displays from all European Piano Makers, Bechstein, Bluthner, Fazioli, Bosendorfer and Steinway evidently making great efforts to showcase their pianos in Shanghai. The Chinese piano manufacturers equal in their efforts to impress and evidently passionate about their business, with innovative designs and exciting ideas.
As the days passed, the halls were swarming with buyers and traders from all over Asia, the Piano Auctions Ltd stand was continuosly mobbed by buyers of antique European pianos for the Chinese and Asian market. It presented a great opportunity to meet existing customers who I hadn’t met before and attach their faces to the names, likewise potential new clients with requests for shipping pianos from the UK and Europe to China. Our only hurdle was clearing pianos through Chinese Customs, which was resolved in a meeting with the Chinese authorities on Friday who seemed to be co-operative and accomodating. This news was not only good for us, but for all Chinese piano buyers and suppliers alike. With our agents able to to clear customs in Shanghai and arrange full destination services, a new door has been opened for UK and European pianos into China.
I have to say the atmosphere at Music China was matched only by the excitement of the Shanghai nightlife. Great Show, great City and great opportunities
Well done Music China. See you next year.

Music China 2012, jointly organized by China Music Instruments Association (CMIA), INTEX Shanghai and Messe Frankfurt (HK), came to a successful close in Shanghai New International Expo Center, on 14th Oct. Since its first show in Shanghai in 2002, Music China has grown to be the greatest music festival in Asia-pacific region and has won much international compliments. Every year, it attracts tens of thousands of musical dealers, professional buyers, musicians and educators and is highly praised by leaders of China Light Industry Federation, Ministry of Culture, Department of Commerce, Shanghai Culture and Broadcasting Bureau, etc.


About Exhibitors


Though amid the gloom of global economic growth, enthusiasm to Music China 2012 of exhibitors home and abroad still maintained high. Show space amounted to 86,000 square meters, with 1,606 exhibitors coming from 30 countries and regions, 13% more than last year. Both of them have surpassed our expectation. Especially, the number of exhibitor delegations grew to 11, renewing the record. Amongst the exhibitors are many famous brands in the music business today, including Pearl River, Hsinghai Piano, KHS, Parsons, Yamaha, Steinway, Roland, AXL, Kawai, etc. Music China is now widely recognized as one of the largest gatherings in the international MI industry.


Traditional Chinese instrument has long been a distinction of Music China. In order to upgrade the overall image, we paid great efforts on the area’s design and decoration by first organizing all traditional Chinese instrument exhibitors in a same pavilion, standardizing the decoration and zoning in different colors. Thanks to the great effects, it appeals a folk music fervor in 2012. The popularity of the pavilion also showed the prosperity of traditional Chinese music.


About Visitors


Altogether 60,172 visitors home and abroad have been attracted to Music China 2012, an increase of 15.3% than last year. Influenced by the economic slowdown and political instability of western countries, number of the foreign visitors has edged down to 3,245. Yet the domestic music market was quite active, national visitors, especially professional visitors, including musical dealers, art groups, music colleges, cultural institutions, increasing grandly, thanks to China’s Culture Development Policy and organizer’s effective promotion. The show time coverage of weekends also boosted the great popularity of the show.


In order to further advance the healthy and prosperous development of MI industry, we continuously strengthened the promotion to domestic professional visitors by setting detailed visitor database, analyzing and promoting specifically. More qualified programs, such as meetings and seminars, have also attracted numbers of professional buyers. Music China 2013 should not be missed by any pro-active Music professional.