Bluthner piano on the 58th floor of the Shard in London

G&R Removals – The Piano Movers were asked by the Bluthner Piano Centre in London, to deliver a Bluthner Grand Piano to the ‘Shard’ in London, Western Europe’s tallest building (designed by Renzo Piano). The views from the 58th floor were spectacular and inspirational, the photos taken by our during the piano delivery do not justify the view, see the link below or visit the building if you can.
The delivery to the Shard was made under tight security and with careful planning, safety equipment had to be worn at all times and timing had to be strictly adhered to. Other than that it was like a normal London Piano move. Our highly trained piano moving team were selected to transport the Bluthner piano from the Bluthner piano centre in London and transport it to the Shard, they knew security would be tight and they received a security briefing prior to delivery. Delivery, luckily, was by use of the lifts, the Bluthner piano fitted in well along with our piano moving team. The delivery was fairly straight forward from a technical point of view but extraordinary from a scenic point of view. All of the crew were amazed at the view and wondered who the lucky pianist was who would eventually be able to play this Bluthner piano, gazing across the river, the London skyline and beyond (on a clear day), it must be truly inspiring to play the piano when you’re up with the gods as it were.

Are there any other higher pianos in Europe? We are not so sure, if any readers of this know of a higher piano in Europe or know of one, we would love to hear from you and see the photos too.

Have a look at the views of London at the link below… Up with the gods

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