Year of the Horse

A new Year is here and we’ve all survived 2012, the end of the world has come and gone – as did bird flu, swine flu, SARS and Y2K in previous years … Now what? The US has prevented their economy plummeting off the ‘Fiscal Cliff’, the Greek / Euro crisis which was rammed down our necks by the media during 2012 seems to have settled down a bit – maybe the wars / civil unrest in North Africa and the Middle East are now more interesting then the troubled Euro creating world economic devastation… who knows? Will 2013 bring better news all round … we’ll see. Year of the Horse apparently.
Closer to home and back to business, we experienced a great start to the New Year, we’ve added 2 new members of staff to our operational team Barry and Jacob, they are responding extremely well to training and have already experienced and assisted in many difficult piano deliveries with the piano teams.
Our new truck is due to arrive at the end of January, which we’re all looking forward to seeing, particularly George who will be taking charge of the keys of a brand new 18 tonne with a 10 metre temperature controlled body, riding on air suspension. Live satellite tracking systems and In-cab ‘Smart-Witness’ cameras will be fitted. This will also be equipped with 20 brand new, tailor-made, padded piano covers and All Terrain piano wheels among the other standard equipment carried by our trucks. This will be used for our growing UK and European market.
Intermusic Ltd held their annual exhibition at the Institute of Directors in London’s Pall Mall, it was extremely well attended and received by the UK’s leading piano dealers. Those I spoke to were cautiously optimistic of the forthcoming year despite having a quieter than usual Christmas. Of the 30 pianos on display were brand new ranges of digital pianos built by Pearl River in China – the World’s largest piano factory – through to the well regarded Bechstein and Hoffmann pianos, all tastes and budgets were catered for I was told. We completed the delivery and set-up of the exhibition in just over 2 hours with 10 staff, pausing only for coffee and a generous stack of bacon butties.
January has seen one 40′ container of pianos shipped to Shanghai with another 2 containers booked to go out from our warehouse – also to Shanghai. These will be on the sea during the Chinese New Year to arrive shortly afterwards. The antique piano business from the UK to China certainly seems to be buoyant with more Chinese buyers emerging all the time and growing interest in China for European pianos. Let’s hope we can meet the demand.
Taking this opportunity to wish all of our customers across the world, a very happy and prosperous 2013 – year of the horse – shame on you Tesco and Lidl!

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